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Monterosa - Champoluc, Alagna, Gressoney, Cervinia, Macugnaga, Saas-Fee, Zermatt

From the melting snow and the retiring glaciers on top of the  Monte Rosa massif, rivers formed the well-known valleys of this area. From the Middle Ages people have been building their villages here and today those villages are the famous resorts of Monterosa. Starting from at the feet of the Matterhorn, we find Cervinia and Zermatt, going northeast to Saas Fee, and going southeast to Champoluc, Gressoney, Alagna and Macugnaga.

Trekking/Top tours

A nice rest after a hard trekking day at lagos Palasinas


The Monterosa area is perfect for many different levels and kinds of tours; from day tours for beginners or families, to several days trekking from rifugio to rifugio, ending with small expeditions to summit the high tops of the mountains. There are more than 20 peaks over 4000 meters in the Monte Rosa and many of them are reachable from the beautiful rifugi on the glaciers.

All our Trekking and Toptour programs
Trekking and toptours

Tailor made trips to Monterosa

Trekking in Monterosa and Champoluc

Tailor made trips to Monterosa with us!

Monterosa is perfect for active travels year around, offering the best skiing, biking and trekking environment you can imagine. Above all, you will find the Italian tradition of good food and wines combined with the kindness of the local hotel owners. We have long personal experience of the Monterosa area, and we will help you tailor the best travel for your family, your group or your company, according to your wishes and your budget


Heliski & Freeride

Helicopter before takeoff


We practice heliski with a lot of respect for nature, history and people. And we know where you can have one of your life's most exciting experiences. We start from Champoluc, Gressoney, Alagna, Zermatt and Cervinia. Follow with us to the top of the Monterosa with an authorized and experienced local guide. Fly to virgin and unexplored wintervalleys to see animals and sleeping villages from past times. Listen to our local fairy talers, they can tell you about each stone in their valley.


Ski Randonee

Skiers with randonee skis

Ski mountaineering, randonee and ski touring with us!

We can help with guided ski mountaineering or randonee tours in Monterosa, Champoluc, Alagna, Gressoney, Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Macugnaga and Cervinia, for all levels. From beginners who want to learn the randonnée technique, to advanced glacier ski mountaineering. Authorized local guides only. We help you with the whole package, including skirent, guide, accomodation and transfers. From one day tour to one week.



Plateau Rosa, a cableway to the glacier

It is high time to book your time for the first downhill ride in Cervinia. Skiers could already try some slopes during weekends in October. In the highest resort in the Aosta Valley winter season starts on Saturday!

Cervinia, called sometimes the Queen of snow, is a perfect place to ski even at the beginning of May. The village will open the winter season on November 1st. It will last until May 3rd, 2015 what makes it the longest season in the valley.  

From the beginning of November the lift system will operate every day in Breuil-Cervinia. At the moment you can take a cable cars to the glacier and ski on the Plateau Rosa glacier, a part of the “Cervino Ski Paradise” ski area that includes over 350 km of slopes.

At the end of November next lifts will be opened and upcoming lift openings you can check on the official resort website.

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Lake Maggiore

New cableway in Val Grande is opened. “Bird’s Eye View” runs at a speed of 120 km/h and offer unforgettable views over Lake Maggiore.

The cableway called “Bird’s Eye View” operates between Colle and Alpe Segletta in the Val Grande valley. A speed of 120 km/h allows covering a distance in only 2 minutes. However, these are definitely two minutes to remember thanks to breathtaking views and panorama of the Val Grande valley. You start your “flight” in Aurano. 

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Zermatt will celebrate the anniverstary of the Matterhorn ascent in 2015.

Lonely Planet, the web portal for advanced travellers, placed Zermatt on its exclusive list - Top10cities unmissable in 2015. The reason is simple: next year will be full of events to celebrate the ascent of the Matterhorn peak.

Zermatt has won the 4th place on the Lonely Planet's list, next to Washington, El Chaltén and Milan. The so-called “Swiss Quinn” or “Swiss Diva” of mountain destinations will be celebrating 150 years since the first alpinists made the ascent of the Matterhorn. In 1865 English mountaineer Edward Whymper successfully led a group of seven to the summit (4478 m). Only four persons survived when the rope broke while going down.

Celebration will go on all year round. Starting with the July opening of the newly renovated Hörnlihütte – Hörnli Hut at the foot of the Matterhorn at 3260 m, where alpinists can rest before the final ascent. Among others celebrations you can find an open-air theatre in the village presenting “The Matterhorn Story”, the historical event of the 1865.

It is a great occasion to visit Zermatt and experience other attractions like the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Europe’s highest cable car that enables you to admire 14 glaciers and 38 mountain peaks over 4000 m! Or take a romantic, old-fashioned ride with 19th-century cogwheel railway to Gornergrat. There are always a lot to do both in summer- and wintertime in Zermatt.

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Cervina village

November is a good month to enjoy Cervinia. A load of weekend attractions is waiting during the Fall in Love with Cervino event starting on Friday the 7th November.

Every weekend in November you can take part in a party organised by Breuil-Cervinia and Valtoumenche - Fall in Love with Cervino. It is the first edition of the enjoyable winter opening in Cervinia that aims to change an autumn from an “in-between” season into a time of proper preparations for winter. You can visit the resort, get involved in sport, explore the mountains – especially amazingly majestic Matterholm, and taste the local food. Simply, enjoy and fall in love in the place to come back later. Read more about Cervinia and check out our gallery.

Visit TheAlps and book your hotel!

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Dufour peak's east summit

To commemorate the founder of the Red Cross organisation the east summit of the Dufour peak got its name changed. During the official renaming ceremony on the 6th October 2014 it became the Dunant Peak.

The former name for both summits came from Guillaume-Henri Dufour (1787-1875), a “peace/building” general and a man who drew up the first topographic charts of Switzerland. Now the east summit honours Dufour’s contemporary, Henry Dunant (1828- 1910).

Dunant was a founder of the Red Cross, established after the tragic battle of Solferino in 1859. The most important battle during the Second Italian War of Independence left thousands soldiers died or heavily injured on a battlefield. It motivated Dunant not only to establishing the Red Cross in 1864, but also to starting a campaign that eventually resulted in the Geneva Conventions. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Red Cross establishment.

The highest peak of Monte Rosa

Dufour Peak is the highest elevation (4 634 m) among 12 peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif and the highest summit in Switzerland. Now the 2-meter-shorter (4 632 m) east summit got the name for its own – the Dunant Peak. Both summits are the popular destination among alpinists as it requires no more than medium technical climbing abilities as for the peak over 4 000 m.

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At Breuil-Cervinia, on the Italian and Swiss slopes of the Plateau Rosà Glacier, skiing knows no seasons. The magic of the snow wins over its fans from the end of June to the end of August. At Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche, the sun, the blue of the sky and the white of the snow invite you to live the summer on your skis. 

The area, at 3,480 metres asl, has always been the domain of summer skiing: 23km of slopes where the snow remains white and glistens like winter snow, with the fresh air and summer sun on your face. It is an opportunity enjoyed every year by thousands and thousands of passionate skiers, snowboarders and freestyle skiers. 

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Maintain your adrenaline rush with your summer training.  The meeting point for all snowboarders is at Plateau Rosà at the Gravity Park with a Big Air and many other attractions to keep you busy.  Try the superpipe or the kickers of various dimensions, the biggest 20 metres, 10 rails, box jibs and hidden obstacles.   The summer park is the highest in Europe, a record in itself!


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Find all the sports and activities that you can play in Macugnaga


The East Wall of Mount Rosa is for expert climbers. But, during summer, there are several mountaneering courses organised by the C.A.I. Macugnaga, by the 4000 Club and by the Alpine Guides of Macugnaga. The courses are graduated according to the experience of the participants: introductory courses, mountaneering courses and mountaneering improvement courses.

Go to the website of the alpine school of macugnaga: 
Alpine guides of Macugnaga

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Zermatt is the single-trail paradise at the foot of the Matterhorn. There are over 100 km of trails available for all levels and 4cross courses with a lot of flow.

Mountain biking is the big flow experience between 1,400 m to 3,000 m in the mountains around Zermatt. Bikes are transported on three mountain lifts: Gornergrat, Rothorn and Trockener Steg. For pros, recreational riders and families with children. All in the pure mountain air of the Alps in car-free Zermatt.

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Aosta Valley with all its charm is simply one of the best places in Europe for bike lovers.
The Club “Bike Valle d’Aosta” is an association that brings together hoteliers and companies specializing in bike tourism that are working in a joint adventure to deliver the best of services to every bike enthusiast. Our Club offers hotels with specific services for bikers, cutting-edge bike resorts for freeride and downhill, professional instructors and guides to take you along the most fascinating bike tours about.

See the GPX trails here

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